retouching and illustration

Illustrate your meaning for better understanding.


Seeing is having customers believing in your product. Retouching allows you to show the product, that is not more than a prototype, in it's final setting. It enhances the actual and makes it aspirational. Retouching makes your product more desirable, appear more valuable and more saleable. We create scenes both realistic and fantastic to tell the visual story of your brand.


Illustration can help to develop a character and style for your brand. They can provide a warmth and engagement when used independently or with photography. In addition, original illustration can provide your brand with the uniqueness you need for successful brand trademarking.


Technical illustrations have the ability to demonstrate how a product works, across language barriers. They can help to reduce the costs of your marketing materials and manuals by eliminating the need to print in numerous languages. Ginger Creative provides technical illustrations across a range of industries including medical and manufacturing.