custom publication

Build engagement, consolidate trust and drive sales with a custom magazine publication


Are you looking for the best results from your marketing budget spend? Magazines are proven to engage your target market at a deeper level than TV, radio, e-marketing, and other print media.


  • Build brand trust

  • Build intimate relationships

  • Create a dialogue with your customers

  • Educate your customers or members

  • Increase customer retention rates

  • Profile clients, projects, awards and accomplishments

  • Communicate your marketing messaging through credible editorial

  • Target your market with no wastage.


Custom magazines are tailored specifically to promote your company’s brand and objectives. Unlike other magazines, you control
the content, therefore your readers aren’t distracted by your competition. Quality custom magazines are the perfect medium tool.

Use a custom publication to drive sales. Readers of custom publications feel the information provided aids in their decision making.
As many as 66% say they are likely to buy something from the same company that provided the custom publication.